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Ultimately, our customers’ success is the reason we’re here and is what drives our mission of bringing simplicity and flow to small businesses. If we can fulfill that mission, then we are inherently making our customers more successful. From the acquisition of new customers to the retention of existing customers we invest in customer success at every step along the way because it is so core to our purpose and to our own success.


PaySimple’s Customer Success Team

Organizationally “Customer Success” is a big word because everything we do is an investment in customer success. As such, every team that touches the customer experience is ultimately accountable to our customers’ success. For example, our Customer Care and our Product Development team’s goals are to help our customers be successful using our system, while our sales team and marketing team’s goals are to find prospects that can be successful on our platform.

The actual “Customer Success” team’s goals are unique in that they are working with our customers to define what success looks like within our platform and also for the growth of their businesses. The team strives to be easy to connect with and to bring real value to each interaction.

While our Customer Success team can answer very tactical questions about the system, due to the nature of our platform we work with 10’s of thousands of small businesses from which we’ve collected learnings and best practices. We’re able to pass this insight onto our customers from having seen other businesses face challenges and grow with our platform and outside of our platform. Through this, we are able to provide a wealth of knowledge about operating a business and growing a business curated from all the engagements and the data points that we have, that any one, insular business wouldn’t have the ability to see.

Defining Success

From my experience as a small business owner, I can tell you that feeling “lighter” feels like success. It feels like a burden has been removed from how hard it is to actually run and grow a small business. So we, at PaySimple, aim to provide the feeling of having less responsibility to have to do it all and in doing so, provide a platform and a partner to help small businesses be successful.

Customer success is a self-fulfilling circle of goodness because as our customers are more successful, we are also more successful. And that’s kind of the nice thing about our business model. While we do have a small fee that customers pay to use our software monthly, our customers are worth more to us from a value standpoint as they use more of our product and run more of their business through PaySimple. Within this model everyone wins because our customers are getting more efficient and growing and we are attached to a small percentage of that— so as they’re more successful, we’re more successful. Conversely, we can’t be successful as a business on any given customer if they’re not successful.


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Matthew Feierstein

Matthew Feierstein

Matt Feierstein, PaySimple's President and Chief Operating Officer, oversees the company's holistic business operations. He has over eighteen years of cross functional management experience in the online software space and includes senior management roles at several small business focused start-up and early stage growth companies. Matt enjoys spending time with his family in and around Denver, as well as skiing in the mountains of Colorado.

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