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1. 10 TED Talks for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

These TED Talks provide insights, advice, and strategies that will make you laugh, spark your inventive spirit, and help make your small business a success.

2. All the Ways You Can Accept Online Payments in 2017

Does your business accept online payments? If not, PaySimple discusses 7 ways you can get paid including recurring billing, invoices, and mobile.

3. Kevin Hennessey of Brabo Payroll on Rapid Growth

Brabo Payroll has experienced the type of meteoric growth most small business owners only dream of; but the road to success hasn’t always been a smooth one.

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4. Turnaround Toys Takes a Unique Approach to Promoting Childhood Literacy

Lynn Fitzgerald escaped the foster care system, yet the difficulties she faced were not easily forgotten. So, she decided to take action.

5. A Guide to Local SEO for Small Business Owners (No Technical Skill Needed!)

local seo for small business owners

Local SEO is a powerful marketing weapon that allows small business owners to compete with big brands in the battle for business survival.

6. 12 Ways to Find New Customers (No Marketing Budget Needed)

Not all businesses can afford big marketing spends. Here are 12 easy ways to promote your business and find new customers without draining your budget.

7. How to Boost Employee Retention With a Better Onboarding Program

Most small businesses can’t afford large HR departments, but that doesn’t mean they can’t onboard new employees like the pros.

8. 6 Easy Ways to Attract More Customers Using Your PaySimple Account

Attract more customers with PaySimple

Using social media to market your business doesn’t need to be hard! Your PaySimple account can help attract customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

9. Business Owner’s Guide to Planning for Growth in 2017

Taking a business from an idea to a realization is a big accomplishment. Oftentimes business growth can catch a small business owner by surprise, they are so busy maintaining the business that they forget to make time to think about a business growth plan.

10. 5 Ways Public Libraries Can Benefit Your Small Business

Libraries today are more than just books. Celebrate them by learning what they can do for you and why they deserve your thanks and support.

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