As a small business owner you know that technology that makes your life easier and your time more productive also makes your business more successful. Passing this knowledge on to your staff, particularly to those who may be older and not quite as tech savvy is both good for them and good for your business. The folks at Google have just made doing this easy and fun.

The site they created is target at kids who want to send long-distance tech help to their parents; however it works just as well for sending help to tech-impaired employees. Called Send Your Parents a Tech Support Care Package, it uses a form letter that you can customize to address the recipient by name and include videos you think they can benefit from reviewing. The email contains your note and links to the videos you selected to include.

Video categories include The Basics, World Wide Web, Communication, Media and Finding Information. Within these categories there are 52 short videos (many under a minute) that cover topics from how to copy and paste, how to take a screen shot, and how to change the time on your computer to how to know if an email is real, how to find a business phone number online, and how to find airline flight status.

The lessons are delivered by college-age-looking narrators, and cover both PC and MAC instances. Not surprisingly, content about search engines focuses on Google. You can access the full list of videos here?and watch them without sending the care package email.

So whether you want to help your employees, your parents, or yourself, there’s sure to be a Tech Support Care Package Video that fits the bill.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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