How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Social Media ROI & Effectiveness

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As many businesses and marketers jump in to the fast-paced world of social media, the terms ‘analytics’ and ‘ROI’ become all you hear about. Here at PaySimple, we follow and engage via social media with thousands of business regarding the effectiveness of online payments and how an automated receivables solution leads to better business results. But how can we track our efforts? Well, there isn’t a specific answer, and it tends to vary from business to business. But the key is to specify and track key metrics that help meet your specific business goals. Fortunately, thanks to Google’s most recent update to Google Analytics, you can track the social media goals that matter most to your business. Free! Here’s how:

How to Grow your Nonprofit’s Reach with Social Media

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PaySimple is fortunate to have many non-profits using our receivables automation tools to accept donations and scalably grow their donor base. Many actively deploy social media as part of their outreach, member communication, and fundraising strategies. Others are hesitant to dive in, as for some this is a brave new world. We created a simple starter webinar on the topic of social media for non-profits. Give it a quick view. The turnout was fantastic. We received feedback and additional questions after the webinar, and we decided to answer a few in this post.

10 Awesomely Free Social Media Tools

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As social media continues to become a more popular form of reaching and engaging with customers, the more time you need to spend on it, right? Wrong. There are plenty of tools (a lot of them FREE) out there that can keep your social media running like a pro with only 10 minutes a day. These ten tools are the only ones you need to turn your social media accounts into hyperdrive!

5 quick tricks to optimize your marketing

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Whether you’re writing a press release, ad copy, content for a webpage, a blog post or an email campaign, there are some quick and easy steps you can take to optimize your marketing content.

Skip over the obvious proofread-proofread-proofread step for a minute, assuming your content is beautifully free of grammatical errors, and try out one or all of the following ideas to give your copy an extra boost.

Small Business Health Check Series Part 4: Giving Marketing a Boost

Small business owners frequently wear so many hats that they struggle to make time for marketing. Yet for a small business, finding new customers is almost always a top business challenge. So today in part 4 of our 4-part small business health check series, we are going to discuss some simple ways you can give your small business marketing a boost.

First, take some time for an assessment. What marketing tactics and programs have you tried over the last year? What worked and what didn’t? Is there something that you’d like to try again but in a slightly different manner? It’s a great time to take stock of past initiatives and proceed with those that work, and end those that didn’t produce real results for your business.

Now you’ve likely got some room to try out something new. It’s time to think about at least one new initiative you are going to try this year. Whether your budget is large, small or non-existent there are plenty of marketing programs to try out: