The dreaded payment follow-up is one of those necessary evils every business owner faces at some point. While they can seem like a bummer or a headache, it’s time to flip the script and think about your payment follow-ups differently.

Follow-Up Strategy

Instead of viewing your follow-ups as a bother to your customers and a time vacuum for you, look at them as an opportunity to proactively reach out and build relationships with customers. These payment follow-up activities, if used strategically and thoughtfully, can be used to enhance customer experience and increase the chance of repeat business.

Here’s a sample what your follow up plan and schedule might look like:

paysimple followup payment schedule example

Follow-ups don’t have to be an awkward, “Are you going to pay?” conversation and often a friendly email reminder before a bill is due is a welcomed and helpful message to your customers.


  • Save email templates to use in your reminders that are ready to go when you need them.


Receipts are as important as reminder emails and are an opportunity to build relationships by continuing the conversation with your customer. Try bundling your receipt information with a link to a feedback survey, or a “recommend my business” message, or even a future discount or reward for referring other customers.

These small touches to your customer experience are easy to overlook but can make a big impact on the quality of feedback and repeat business you receive.

This 5-step action plan will help your business cut payment delays. You’ll learn:

  • ontime-pymnts-ebookHow to make your billing process a strategy and priority
  • How to make it easier for customers to pay you
  • How to spend less time on awkward follow-ups
  • How to stay organized and efficient (with the right tools)
  • What to do when a customer just won’t pay


Jessie Van Gundel

Jessie Van Gundel

Jessie is a Content Marketing Manager at PaySimple, responsible for creating and implementing content that supports and empowers small businesses. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, biking, hiking, and being outside whenever possible.

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