The times, they are a changin’ and our climate is, too. NASA’s latest headline reads: Arctic sea ice reaches second-lowest extent on record. Not only is there less ice, the ice that remains is actually sticking around for shorter periods of time. What they’re finding now is that there is more first and second year ice, which interacts with the environment differently than multi-year ice, absorbing more of the sun’s rays and thus, speeding up the ocean’s warming process. A little closer to home, researchers have found that the Colorado Rockies, with “extreme elevation and vegetation gradients, are very sensitive to regional and global climate change.”1

Outdoor enthusiasts, feel free to gasp.

As we all know, it’s our job to take care of Mother Nature and as a business owner, you can

be a catalyst of change. One easy way to help fight climate change and all the uncertainties that come with it is to switch to electronic billing and payments. By offering electronic billing options, both you and your customers can take a stand for our outdoor playground. And just because your business is small, doesn’t mean that your impact will be.

Here are the cold hard facts:

For every 41 pounds of paper saved, approximately one tree survives. With one tree, 48 pounds of carbon dioxide are absorbed and enough oxygen to support two humans is released back into the environment.2 Plus, one tree can hold a tire swing, providing approximately 730 hours of fun every year.3

Saving one pound of gas reduces carbon emissions, which are said to be responsible for 50 to 60% of all greenhouse gases, by 19 pounds. With every gallon of gas saved, 1.2 pounds of fossil fuels are saved, as are 12.39 kWh of electricity used the in the refining process of gasoline (not to mention energy used transporting, storing and distributing gasoline).

Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast or the ski/bike/hike/kayak god/goddess of the western slopes, the advantages of electronic billing and payment systems can certainly go a long way in preserving your favorite outdoor activities, and encouraging the next generation of outdoor gurus to go out and explore.




[3] I made that up.



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