tip_bo2013Tis the season for year-end wrap-ups; and as today is the last day of the year, a best of list seems fitting. The following are ten of the most popular tip posts from 2013. If you missed them, or simply meant to check out the links but never had the time, here’s another chance to take a look.

The Importance of Explaining the Benefits (and not the Features) of Your Product
Instead of selling your product on the basis of what is does, start selling it on the basis of why it will make your clients lives easier. This post highlights a few techniques to start thinking about your product in this new way.

Pricing Small Business Goods & Services to Make Profit and Retain Customers
Pricing your goods and/or services is hard work. You don’t want to charge too much and scare away business but you don’t want to undercut your profits. This guide will walk you through proper pricing.

10 Counter-Intuitive Workplace Productivity Tips
Contrary to popular belief, working super hard isn’t always the best way to be the most productive in the workplace. Check out these simple tips to get more out of your day.

Perfecting the Pitch: Escaping the Confines of an Elevator
Are elevator pitches really that worthwhile to the success of a small business? Richard Branson weighs in on the true value of an Anywhere Pitch.

Tools for Restoring Deleted Files
Oh no! Did you just delete some important files? No worries, check out these three different online tools that help you recover deleted files.

Email Beats Social Media for Customer Acquisition and Customer Lifetime Value
Everyone agrees that social media is important to businesses. However, a new study shows that clients acquired via email have a higher lifetime value.

How Small Businesses Can Get Refunds for Late Package Deliveries
FedEX and UPS have 100% money back guarantees. If your package arrives even a minute later than promised, your shipping is free. Read this post to find out how to get a quick effortless refund.

Guide to Finding the Right Image for Small Business Marketing
Finding the right image for your marketing campaign can be hard work. Luckily, there are a variety of free tools on the internet that can help you find just the right image. Check the full list of online image tools here.

How to turn small business ideas into small business successes
99U takes its name from Thomas Edison?s famous quote that Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, and aims to be the university of that 99 percent. The site’s stated purpose is to focus on what happens after inspiration researching the forces that truly push ideas to fruition? providing resources that help you move beyond idea generation into idea execution.

Get Business Intelligence for your small business with this free tool from the SBA
The SizeUp Business Analysis Tool from the Small Business Administration (SBA) enables small business owners to benchmark their company against competitors in their region, locate new customers and suppliers, and identify the best markets for advertising.

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