Yes, it is the last day of October and the weather is brisk (or snowy, depending on where you are), candy is everywhere, and spookiness prevails. It’s time to test your nerves and indulge in all things scary, which is why it seems that articles and blogs are currently devoting themselves to scares right now.

Below are some of the better small business horror stories published recently. Enjoy them with a bag of chocolate. Happy Halloween!

Lessons Learned from Scary Business Mistakes
This post from covers three small business scares, the lessons learned from them, and what you can do to protect your small business from the same fate.
The 10 Scariest Business Blunders of the Year (So Far)
From the Yahoo CEO email firing to the Netflix fiasco, this slide show covers 10 of the worst business blunders made by the big-guys this year. Protect your small business from making the same mistakes, or just laugh at those silly big guys.
What Scares Entrepreneurs?
This Forbes post provides 10 examples of things that scare small business owners. Do they sound familiar?
Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms
This Wall Street Journal article from July provides examples of how small businesses were hacked and the financial and operational havoc wrought by the attacks. It should be enough to scare you into beefing up your own security.
Managing Employees: 5 Scary Small-Business Mistakes
Don?t scare away your best employees by making unreasonable demands. The post covers this mistake, and 4 others small business owners typically make when hiring and managing employees.
Five Scary Social Media Horror Stories

This PC World article covers social media mistakes and dirty tricks to which many small businesses fall victim, and provides resources you can use to protect and defend yourself from them.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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