To run a business that is small

Takes the greatest fortitude of all

With passion, sweat and my money it was built

But the recession seems determined to make it wilt

Customer payments I chase

Credit crunches I face

Plans for expansion I push aside

I stare at dismal sales numbers popeyed

So cut costs and dig into my pocket I must

For being the lifeblood it all seems unjust!

Can I prevail when conditions negate small interests?

Where is the government bailout for small business?

Am I living the dream I wonder?

Small business optimism still seems a plunder

But survive I will

Alas the lifeblood I am still

I will work for no other

Not the president nor my brother

Sit still I cannot

Take orders from others I will not

Failure is not part of my vocabulary

I was born to make dreams a reality



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