dos-donts2An effective marketing strategy is a key factor in your small business success. Consequently, it seems like everyone is giving advice on how to balance the cost, time, and effort required for creating the optimal small business online marketing program. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve collected some of the more helpful do and don’t posts from the past few months:

DO Fine-Tune your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Efforts for the 2014 Landscape. The 2014 SEO Playbook: Google Hummingbird, Content & Authority post from Search Engine Land gets you off to a good start by discussing tips for Google. The follow-up Part II of the series covers on-page factors, including content, HTML and architecture; and Part III covers off-page factors including links and personalization.

DON’T Create a Keyword Strategy Based on Inaccurate Competitive Information. The CIKED post, Biggest Mistake Made in Small Business SEO Competition Analysis, goes into extensive detail about how using Google AdWords data for keyword competitive analysis can generate distorted and severely flawed conclusions. The post not only shows you exactly what not to do, it also provides suggestions on how to make sure you are getting sound advice from your SEO service providers, and how to correctly perform your own competitive keyword analysis.

DO Use Social Media to Attract New Customers. To Hell with Big Data and Social Analytics, 2014 is the Year When Small Businesses use Social to Acquire Customers discusses how small businesses can take advantage of their nimbleness to use social media to interact with potential customers in ways that big-business can’t. It posits that while big businesses will use social media as a profiling and data source, small businesses can use it to identify prospects and start profitable business conversations in real-time.

DO Manage Your Online Reputation. Engaging with your customers online and via social media will continue to be essential this year. But in order to respond to conversations about your company, you need to know about them first. 7 Tools for Managing Your Business’s Online Reputation provides resources you can use to stay on top of posts mentioning your company.

DON’T Become a Social Media Casualty by making any of the Six Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014. Also, don’t be too emotional, defensive, critical, or offensive when responding to online posts about your business. Be sure to keep your responses civil and constructive, or you may become a social media casualty like the company profiled here.

DON’T leave your website stuck in 2013, or worse 1999. 12 Outdated Web Features That Need to Disappear in 2014 provides a great list of antiquated design elements that should be removed from your website.

DO Pay Attention When Creating Content. It may seem cute, clever, or funny to you, but be certain to give your content a second look to make sure that other people will not find it offensive, or will simply not understand it. This list of Unfortunate Domain Names is a hilarious example of how even the most innocent intentions can go unintentionally awry.

DON’T Forget About Mobile when Designing Your Small Business Website. 4 Mobile Web Mistakes to Avoid outlines key areas where most small business websites need improvement.

DO Have a Profitable and Successful 2014!

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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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