Resolving to Write More - a Worthy ThoughtAs we begin 2014, making a list of New Year’s Resolutions for yourself personally, and for your small business, is a perfect way to get the year off to a good start. However, we all know that even the best laid plans have a tendency to be pushed aside and forgotten if we don’t have a concrete plan for accomplishing our goals.

The following are resolutions that might be a good fit for your small business, and associated resources that will put you on the right track for keeping them.

Deal with Mistakes More Constructively

Improve Public Speaking Skills

Minimize Toxic Associations

  • Who you spend time with, and on, can make a huge difference in your outlook and your small business success. According to the Entrepreneur post Stop Spending Time With Toxic People, “The people around you rarely have a neutral effect. They either facilitate your accomplishment, they undermine it, or they sabotage it outright.” The post provides tips for how to identify the toxic people in your world so that you can eliminate or minimize your interactions with them.
  • Unprofitable products or product lines can be as toxic to your business as relationships with unsupportive people. Sometimes it is just time for an outdated, but much loved, product to go. This AccountingTools post provides an analysis structure you can use to determine when it is time to terminate a product offering.

Improve Business Security

  • This video from the Wall Street Journal provides tips for creating strong passwords and protecting your personal and business accounts.
  • The Entrepreneur post 4 Ways to Maximize Your Loss Prevention Strategies provides tips for minimizing retail theft. For example, a recent survey found that simply saying “Hello” to people as they enter the store can decrease shoplifting.
  • Be aware of the threats to your business. According to CNNMoney, small businesses are the number one target for cybercrime. This post highlights the 6 most dangerous cyberattacks small businesses currently face.

Improve Time Management and Productivity

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