The holidays always come and go quicker than any of us are prepared for, leaving us with an accumulation of things we need to tackle on January 2nd. If you’re planning for next year already, then you’re ahead of the game, but make sure you’re putting that effort into the right parts of your business.

Plan for Your New Year Return

Decide what a successful New Year kickoff looks like for your business:

  • Kick things off: If business slows down for you during the holidays, kick the year off with an awareness and customer appreciation campaign. Promote your business online: attend local events in your community and use your customer database to send an enticing promotion to existing customers.
  • Look back to plan forward: It might be the right time to take a step back and look at your cash flow. Maybe this is the year you want to start off by putting a big effort into understanding your cash flow so that you can forecast and strategically plan your year.

It can feel like coming up for air after swimming in a sea of chaos when January hits, but you’ll get a lot farther if you take a minute to not just tread water but to think about how you can improve your form.

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A little inspiration for the New Year

The life of an entrepreneur is a daring and fulfilling one. If you’re anything like the entrepreneurs we talk to, you are always looking for ways to go above and beyond. If this describes you, you might find these resources helpful:

A Guide to Success in 2016

If you found this information helpful, download this short guide for more tips on how to plan for the holidays and prep for the New Year.

  • Get ready for the holiday season
  • Be proactive about your cash flow
  • Communicate your plan to your customers, friends, and family
  • Set yourself up for success in the New Year

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For help prioritizing and tackling your 2016 goals, read this article.



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