Greetings fellow small business owners!

My name is Frank Czar, the owner and General Manager of Unishippers, a shipping company that partners with national carriers like UPS®, Estes®, YRC Freight and Saia® to deliver customer goods.

As a business owner, I’ve had to clear the hurdle of collecting payments online and finding the right balance between providing a modern customer payment experience and managing the costs of credit card processing.

I’m sure many of you have weighed the pros and cons of this difficult choice.

We believe we have found a solid solution and, from one business owner to another, I’d like to share our story in the hopes that you can find similar success.

Accepting credit cards vs. ACH

While we have offered both credit card and ACH payment options to our customers for some time now, resistance to the ACH option has been a difficult hurdle to clear. To address this, we recently changed our Merchant Processor to PaySimple and the reasons are, well…simple.

PaySimple offers us a clean, modern customer facing payment interface for our customers and a very simple setup and deployment for our staff. It also has an easy to use internal interface, with the ability to have a number of different configuration options.

But here’s what we did differently from before.

When we rolled PaySimple out, we created TWO separate payment portals, one for ACH, and one for credit cards.

Our customers now have the choice to pay via ACH or credit card and our credit card processing has dropped DRAMATICALLY by offering two options.

Here are a couple of other money-saving tips I recommend:

  • For PCI compliance reasons, we no longer take credit or ACH payments over the phone. We ALWAYS provide links to our payment portals. If you are still taking payment via phone, you will not BELIEVE how much employee time you can save by NOT doing that. Send a link instead.


  • The portal links are just linked images we use as buttons – very easy to create. Each portal creates it’s own URL for you to use and link to.


  • We include our Portal links in every billing related e-mail we send; Past Dues, Skipped Invoices, Short Pays, Collection notices, etc. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you.


  • We are now providing the links in our setup/enrollment information as well.

How can I get set up with this system?

I’m glad you asked. If you’re ready to start keeping more of your hard-earned revenue, then I highly recommend getting signed up with PaySimple.

To take PaySimple for a test-run, click here to start a 14 day Free Trial.

To sign up today, click here.


Frank Czar

Owner and General Manager, Unishippers