For many businesses, tax season requires more administrative duties than other time periods in the year. Knowing this truth, it can be helpful to plan and implement efficiencies across your business to make tax season easier.  

One area that holds a lot of opportunity for improvement during tax season, is customer service. During tax season, customers often reach out to businesses requesting access to payment information for their own taxes. This influx of customer service tasks can hinder any type of business during this time.  

Before starting to stress, know that help can be found here.  

With 24/7 online account access, the PaySimple Customer Portal provides customers of your business with a level of self-service that is beneficial to both you and them.  

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During tax season specifically, Customer Portal can be used by customers of your businesses to independently:   

1. Download purchase histories for tax write-offs. Examples include: 

  • Charity and nonprofit donations 
  • Business expenses (i.e. consulting, office maintenance, etc.) 
  • Childcare or school tuition 
  • Energy-saving investments (i.e. solar panels, HVAC updates, composting services) 

2. Pay off large balances on their account 

  • Consumers often pay off entire payment plans or outstanding account balances when tax return refunds.  

3. Update payment methods 

  • Many individuals and businesses evaluate their finances around tax season. This may result in a need to add or change the payment method on file with your business for your ongoing services or recurring payments. 

If you have yet to introduce the PaySimple Customer Portal to your customers, visit the dedicated help center page for easy to follow steps on getting started. 

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