News on Any Platform: Computer, Tablet, MobileWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments. 

While you likely just wrapped up your taxes, it’s not too early to set yourself up with a stronger cash flow plan for next year. A solid tax strategy is a great way to recover cash flow, but you need a like-minded accountant. Meaning, one who brings ideas proactively to you. What are the two words that should make you RUN if you hear them from your accountant? Read on to find out.

While you’re preparing for a stronger cash flow plan, you can also be planning for how to successfully navigate the next down turn. While the recession is fading, it’s a constant cycle that will churn up, then down again. What steps can you take to remain “fighting fit”? Maximize what you are doing when things are good. And, do this one thing every six months.

Outsmarting economic trends are a big task, but what about outsmarting your competition? That can also be a huge task, especially if there are 20 other businesses in your area providing a similar service. What can you do to stand out from your competition? Take a look at your style, your approach, how you present yourself, then figure out what you can do look different. This quick read sums up what you can do to showcase your personality.

So you’ve got your personal brand dialed in, but now they need to find you. If you’re a SMB competing with the big box players, your website is key. With the recent ruling from the Federal Communications Commission to provide equal access to the Internet, the speed your page loads on your site is now equal. What that means to you is equal access to customers shopping, without being dinged or losing customers because your website took too long to load. Net neutrality is your friend and you should understand exactly how that benefits your small business.



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