Reads of the WeekWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments.

As an owner and a manager of your business, you wear many hats. You’re in charge of finding new business, marketing your company, and managing the daily operations. It’s a heavy workload, so when it comes time to transition your role from owner to manager, making the switch can be challenging. Check out these tips to help you maximize efficiency in both roles.

Some “friendly fraud”, when the account holder (or someone known to the account holder, such as a spouse) authorizes a purchase and then later claims it to be fraud, is more manipulative than friendly. Unfortunately, more consumers are tempted to use this method to recoup funds spent on a legitimate purchase. Find out how this company wants to help merchants appeal more charge backs and get back some of the billions of dollars lost to friendly fraud.

A quick and easy way to make a huge impact on prospects is with a video. Don’t have time to produce an award-winning segment? No need. A recent study commissioned by Facebook-Nielsen shows significant lift in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase intent even among people who view a video for 0 to 3 seconds. The study found lift even for people who saw the video before it started playing but didn’t watch any of it. Seriously? Best marketing you didn’t have to do.

Can a culture of 100% honesty work? New research shows that employees value honesty more than any other perks. Take a look at how these companies have instilled a culture of candor. It’s a scenario that would make anyone sweat.

Is there a light at the end of the social media marketing tunnel? Can you truly show ROI on social media programs? GinzaMetrics is the latest company to offer a solution officials said does this for marketers. Its new platform addition gives insights on how social channels contribute to corporate goals and revenue, and better data to target campaigns for the right audiences.



PaySimple is the leading provider of Service Commerce solutions, supporting the success of thousands of SMBs across the country. Its solutions change the lives of business owners by bringing simplicity and flow to their businesses. Service-based businesses can expand marketing, accept payments, and improve customer retention using one SaaS platform. Products include: ecommerce, appointment scheduling, credit card processing, recurring billing, mobile payments, secure customer management, e-invoicing, cash flow reporting, e-check processing, and more. PaySimple is headquartered in the heart of downtown Denver, CO.

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