News on Any Platform: Computer, Tablet, MobileWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments.

This week, we put our focus on articles written to help you and your business be more productive.

I like to bookmark articles on productivity and come back to them…when I’m not being productive, in order to motivate myself. If you have a similar library, here are some suggested additions.

1 – Take a break, it might help you get more done.

Sometimes getting back on track means getting away from your desk and away from your work. Here at PaySimple, employees are encouraged to get up and clear their heads with a quick round of hoops or foosball. For me, I know that pushing away from my desk and taking a walk outside really helps to get my brain working again.

“A growing body of research suggests that the longer you keep your rear end in your chair and your eyes glued to your screen, the less productive you may be.” – Eight Ways Goofing Off Can Make You More Productive, Susan Adams, Forbes

2- Be picky…and smart about who you spend time networking with.

“…Playing the numbers game — and hoping that one or two of those connections might pay off — is a huge mistake, especially if you hope to build a network that benefits both you and your connections,” – Jeff Haden,

As an introvert, networking is one of my least favorite activities, but in order to meet people I can learn from, it just has to be done. When I do network I want to make sure I’m putting my time and effort into meaningful professional relationships. That’s why I liked this article on, 5 Smarter Ways to Build the Professional Network You Need.

3- Set your service-based business up to generate passive income.

One of the really awesome things about working with our customers at PaySimple is that they are really, really smart and motivated folks. One of them, Josh Coffy with Flight Media, wrote a great article about creating a passive income stream, when you aren’t a product-based business. He also gave us a really nice shout out in his article (Thanks, Josh!) and yes… this is a bit of a humblebrag on our part.

“You can develop a massive, recurring stream of income with the right steps and the right tools in place,” How to Create Passive Income Without a Product, Josh Coffy, Flight Media.

4 – Get some inspiration from experts in productivity.

So yeah, maybe it’s a little late to get on your New Year’s resolutions but since we’re almost halfway through 2015, it’s a good time to look back on how productive you’ve been, and how productive you’d like to be in next six months. Fast Company pulled together a list of tips from highly productive people. One of my favorites from the list was Sally Poblete, Founder and CEO of healthcare technology company Wellthie:

“I find that I think best in the mornings with fewer interruptions, so I do my best to keep that time open for brainstorming, writing, and meeting with others who inspire and challenge me,” she says. “I save my necessary meetings for the afternoons, when I am energized from my morning productivity and excited to share my plans with my team.”

For the others check out 14 Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet by Fast Company.




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