News on Any Platform: Computer, Tablet, MobileWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments.

As a small or mid-sized business owner, you probably have mentors in your industry, or generally in business, who are your influencers. There was a pretty famous book by Dale Carnegie called, How to Win Friends and Influence People, that has been leveraged in a new book called, Six Ways to Make People Like You. These six habits may surprise you in their simplicity, yet are key to an entrepreneur hoping to grow his business or network. Check out these 6 important habits and let us know which one surprises you the most.

If you aren’t measuring customer churn as a metric to determine success of your business, you are missing an important element. While gaining new customers is also important, your ability to retain existing customers is a solid benchmark to determine effectiveness and value of what you are selling. It can also be helpful in identifying a possible problem down the road. Find out what is causing your churn and fix it.

While customer retention is key metric to understand and potentially thwart, your company logo can give you some unexpected leverage if it’s right on the mark. It is your first impression with your prospective customers so you want it to send the right message. But are you clear on what message you want to send? If not, here are six questions to ask yourself when designing your brand.

And some exciting news for you travelers looking for a quick and easy way to capture your adventures: a mobile app that let’s you create photo books right from your iPhone. Shutterfly is behind this latest invention with TripPix, an on-the-go app that lets you create without having to shuffle through all of the fuzzy, off-mark photos.



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