Reads of the WeekWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments.


Tuesday evening was President Obama’s 6th State of the Union and Wednesday morning as people reflected, they counted how many times he talked about different topics and also started to dive into the effects on different sectors of the US. This article from CNBC started to look at the small business sector and how legislation around taxes, sick pay, and wages might be impacted.

You’ve started a small business, or worked with people who have, but the number of young people starting new businesses has been dropping over the past 24 years. Top business execs like former HP Chairman Carly Fiorina and others have started an initiative to grow this number. Learn more about what they are trying to do and how the space has changed for this group in this article from the Wall-Street Journal.

While you have a Facebook Page for your business, it might not seem like anyone is reading it. Here are the 11 reasons why they aren’t. That article is an oldie but still accurate as we all battle for eyeballs in our newsfeed.

Many of us have received our W-2s or 1099s and are collecting our documents to do our taxes. NerdWallet had two great articles this week on 5 tips to prepare taxes and 4 little known deductions. Check them out to be prepared for April 15th.

Finally, find yourself wanting to read more business books, but with less and less time available? Here are  50 business books summarized in one sentence. Be able to pontificate on Malcolm Gladwell, Clayton Christensen, and more with this handy little guide.

Kristin Piccirillo

Kristin Piccirillo

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