Reads of the WeekWe know you’re busy, so we pulled together the most interesting reads of the week for topics affecting small business owners. Feel free to add your own favorites that we may have missed in the comments.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Our article this week dove into 7 ways to increase cash flow to your business. Finding those aren’t enough, or you’ve tapped out your primary business? Entrepreneur had a great article on 9 new ideas for side income to add to your business.

How much does checking email cost you? HBR looked at what these distractions add up to, and how you can combat them next time.

Once you’ve battled down the email monster you can focus on being more productive. Doing a weekly review can help you end the week on a better note, be more organized, and get things done. Learn about how to implement the weekly review process and what data to collect.

Are you excited?! …and did you use one more piece of punctuation than you should? Check out this handy infographic to avoid the misuse of exclamation points in your business (and personal) communication.

Finally, each year Fast Company publishes a list of the world’s most innovative companies, but how familiar are you with some of these hot companies? Take this interactive 10 question quiz to see who some of the movers and shakers are.

Kristin Piccirillo

Kristin Piccirillo

Kristin is the Director of Acquisition on the Marketing team at PaySimple responsible for the development, strategy and management of channels like Search, Display, and other acquisition initiatives. When she's not working 'on the google' she is probably skiing in the winter or running/biking crazy distances training for Triathlons and other endurance events. You can find her on Google+

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