The PaySimple development team is committed to improving the PaySimple product. Here are some of the highlights from our latest release:

Snail Mail Invoices
We realize that not all of your customers prefer to receive invoices through email, so now you can set up your invoices to send through the postal mail right from your computer. On the send invoice page, simply select to have your invoice sent via snail mail. Your invoice will be printed out and mailed to your customer’s address in a #10 double-paned envelope. A return envelope will also be included for your customer to easily send you payment. You can purchase credits to mail invoices to your customers in the Settings -> Snail Mail tab.

Invoice Preview Added to the Invoice Email
The invoice email has been enhanced to provide your customers with a preview of the line items, total due and the pay invoice now button so customers can read through all the important invoice details directly from their email.

Add Payment Custom Fields to Payment Email Receipts
Custom fields are an important component of being able to capture all the data that is critical to your business. The payment email templates have been enhanced so you can easily add your payment custom fields to any payment emails including your payment receipts.

Customize Date Increments in Settlement Summary Chart
It’s important to see payment trends in time increments that matter to your business. Now on the Settlement Summary Chart on the Dashboard, you can select to view your settlement trend data by month, week or day time periods.



PaySimple is the leading provider of Service Commerce solutions, supporting the success of thousands of SMBs across the country. Its solutions change the lives of business owners by bringing simplicity and flow to their businesses. Service-based businesses can expand marketing, accept payments, and improve customer retention using one SaaS platform. Products include: ecommerce, appointment scheduling, credit card processing, recurring billing, mobile payments, secure customer management, e-invoicing, cash flow reporting, e-check processing, and more. PaySimple is headquartered in the heart of downtown Denver, CO.

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