“PaySimple drastically increases efficiency for Boy Scout Troop fundraisers”

-Troop 970

About the Organization

The Boy Scouts of America are well known for their good deeds and outdoor activities. To support these activities and charitable events, Boy Scout Troops hold fundraisers. Troop 970’s most important fundraiser is its annual Mulch Sale, which promotes teamwork, instills personal commitment, and helps Scouts pay for High Adventure camping trips throughout the United States.

As Troop 970’s mulch sale grew in size in recent years, so did the fundraising challenges it faced, including cumbersome order tracking, inability to automatically capture customer information, untimely deposits of revenue, and limited payment options.

To simplify the process, and to provide more flexible purchase options, PaySimple provided the Troop with a securely hosted custom-branded online payment form, enabling it to take orders and accept payments from customers online. The robust system provides a single order form for both credit card payments and ACH direct-debits from a checking account. The system calculates costs, collects payment information, and directly submits the information into the PaySimple system for payment processing-with no double entry. It then automatically deposits the collected funds into Troop 970’s bank account.

Just The Tool They Needed 

In addition, the PaySimple system has the ability to accept custom fields for any additional information the Troop requires. In this case, customers were able to provide the exact location where they wanted the mulch stacked. Using a secure password, BSA volunteers could access order information from the PaySimple system via any computer with Internet access, and once the system showed the payment had cleared, the volunteers could deliver the mulch, as requested.

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With sales approaching 20,000 bags, Troop 970’s 2007 Mulch Sale was a resounding success. PaySimple enabled the Troop to manage both the financial and logistical aspects of the sale more effectively and efficiently, and it created a customer database that the Troop plans to use for future fundraiser marketing.

“It’s great to hear that the Boy Scout’s fundraiser was so successful and we are happy to have been a part of Troop 970’s success, ” said Eric Remer, CEO of PaySimple. “PaySimple is an ideal choice for organizations like the Boy Scouts that want a low-cost solution that will simplify business practices, reduce volunteer labor requirements, and increase fundraising revenue.”

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