Today we’re announcing the new “Run-Your-Business App“, featuring game-changing functionality and a mobile credit card reader This app allows companies to operate from anywhere on a wide range of devices. PaySimple Mobile is in the App Store. It’s available to all PaySimple users and enables them to accept all forms of electronic payment – including all credit cards, debit cards, and echecks — either through past customers’ established payment methods or through the simple, swipe of a credit card with our mobile card reader.

We’re head-over-heels for our new card reader, but we know the needs of a small business owner don’t stop after the card is swiped. The “Run- Your-Business App” was revamped and can help manage many aspects of a business on-the-go. PaySimple mobile users can create and securely manage customer records, set up recurring payment schedules, and see real-time updates of settled payments and cash flow. All of these functions are available from the palm of the hand and sync seamlessly with PaySimple’s desktop application — leaving more time to plot the next big move and less time reconciling problems.

The PaySimple mobile app is free to download and use for all current PaySimple users. The application is available in the App Store, and access is controlled by PaySimple users’ standard PCI-Compliant authentication credentials. Take it for a spin and visit