Yep, it’s true. It seems everything under the sun these days is “going green” (even Wal-Mart has). While PaySimple itself promotes saving resources and going paperless for billing and collections, we’ve recently taken simple internal steps to be more environmentally friendly as well.

  1. We’ve implemented glass, paper, and plastic recycling bins throughout the office. And if we don’t separate accordingly, our office manager will be sure to let us know. We also recycle our print cartridges, which in turn, makes them more inexpensive to purchase.
  2. Our new web server, Dreamhost, is green. This may sound odd, but servers that host green put off significantly less harmful emissions and use renewable energy. The server warehouses are cooled using renewable energy instead of nonrenewable energies.
  3. In addition, PaySimple is using EcoPasses. An EcoPass with the Regional Transportation District in Denver gives employees all-inclusive access to local public transportation methods. Within one month, an entire office went from driving to work, to taking public transit.

Taking small steps to becoming green is not difficult and can save your business some cash in the process. Check out public transportation programs in your area and start recycling your print cartridges. If you’re shopping for web hosting options, choose one with a clean emissions program. And as always, your business can get some good PR out of it.

Using PaySimple to reduce your internal paper flow is another way that you can benefit from going green. Just think of how many invoices and documents are printed on a daily basis. By sending electronic invoices, you’ll be able to save hundreds of pounds of paper per year, not to mention all that postage!



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