I normally don’t like to blog about our accomplishments — at least not on the company blog — but I was especially excited about our presentation at Finovate in San Francisco this morning, where our CEO – Eric Remer – and VP of Product Development – Jenae Wiegert, showcased our latest technology platform.

Finovate, deemed to be the showcase of the future of financial and banking technology, handpicks companies to present, in 7 minutes or less (no slides allowed), what makes their technology a needle-mover. Our team gave an awesome presentation and showed to the financial world the technology we’re so excited about: Camp.

With Camp, large enterprises with small business customer bases can offer a custom-branded, turnkey receivables automation technology for their small business members with very little startup time and capital.

As shown in the presentation picture on the left, the software and service can be fully branded for the providing organization, creating a truly seamless experience for the small business merchant, and sticky revenue opportunity for the enterprise. Chase and Western Union have already deployed such programs.

The idea behind Camp lends its credence to Eric’s original company vision of putting life-simplifying technology in the hands of business owners (like himself). And, while we love working with business owners directly, we also know that they reach out to their already established vendors to find solutions — i.e. their banks, credit card issuers, or other service providers. Camp enables more small businesses, especially those in the non-retail service industry (where there is less of a market for solutions), to find this business-simplifying technology from the vendors they’re already working with. And, by doing so, they earn benefits by having their receivables solution bundled with their business credit card, bank account, or other service.

The reality is, to be candid, developing our technology is no quick task. Integrations with processing partners, establishing secure technology, and simply just making a product that is usable for the vast and differing sea of small businesses is, well, time-consuming. Rather than each enterprise going through that process only to come out with a marketable product several years later, these enterprises can see a product in market and businesses on-boarded within months. And, because they didn’t have to do the entire R&D themselves, it allows the product to be put in business owners’ hands at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win for all involved!

So that’s why we’re excited about Camp, and especially excited to see it showcased on a large stage at Finovate.

Kudos to Eric and Jenae for doing a great job with the 7-minute blitz!

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Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is the VP of Marketing for PaySimple, the leading provider of service commerce solutions for SMBs. At PaySimple, Sarah leads the company's brand, acquisition, lifecycle, and product marketing strategies, and has been an integral player in growing the company from a fledgling startup to a leading SaaS platform, serving over 15,000 businesses across the country. She loves live music, being outside, great food, and hanging out with her husband, little boy, and dog.

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