The PaySimple development team is committed to improving the PaySimple product through regular technology releases. Here are some of the highlights from our latest release:

Enhanced Customer Detail View – Now With All the Details
On the Customer Detail page, you will now be able to see the most recent transactions, recurring payment schedules, invoices and recurring invoices for that customer, all right in one location.

Date Created and Custom Fields Added to Customer Export
We’ve expanded the data available when you export your customer list. We added the Date Created field so you will now be able to spot any new customers. We also added your customer custom fields into the exports.

Timestamp Addition for Transactions
Wondering what time a payment was entered? You can now find out by viewing the new “time” addition to the Date Entered field on the Transaction Details page.

Payment Note Field Added to Invoice Export
We received feedback that the Payment Note field on invoices is valuable for recording check numbers and cash payments. This field is now available for export so you can track all your invoice payment details.

New Navigation Flows for Custom Reports
We streamlined a few of the report customization flows to save you some clicks. After creating a custom report, you will be taken to view it immediately. After selecting to clone a standard report, you will be taken directly to the Edit Report popup.

The Quick Links and Report Links Have a New Look
The Quick Links and Report Links on the left-hand side of your application now have a new look we think you’ll enjoy.

Drill on Invoice # in Payment Details Page
Now you can quickly access the invoice that was paid right from the Transaction Details page by clicking on the invoice number.



PaySimple is the leading provider of Service Commerce solutions, supporting the success of thousands of SMBs across the country. Its solutions change the lives of business owners by bringing simplicity and flow to their businesses. Service-based businesses can expand marketing, accept payments, and improve customer retention using one SaaS platform. Products include: ecommerce, appointment scheduling, credit card processing, recurring billing, mobile payments, secure customer management, e-invoicing, cash flow reporting, e-check processing, and more. PaySimple is headquartered in the heart of downtown Denver, CO.

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