5 Reasons to Use Google Apps for Small Business

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google appsOver the past month, PaySimple has broken down Google Apps into its 5 most important parts. Here’s a listing of all the posts from the past month.

Why Businesses Should Use Google Apps: Part 5 – Google+ Hangouts

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Google-Hangouts-banner-640x312Welcome back to the 5th and final installment of PaySimple’s series on how Google Apps can help your small business. This week we cover Google+ Hangouts.

Is Crowdsourcing Right for Your Small Business?

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crowdsourcingCrowdsourcing could change the way you do business. If you’re a small business owner, take a look at all the possibilities that crowdsourcing offers.

Ask the Advisor: How to Manage Social Media & Blogging

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PaySimple's Ask the AdvisorIn this week’s Ask the Advisor, marketing consultant Rachel Vermeal discusses how to manage blogging and social media at a startup or small business.

Small Business Guide to Google Apps – Part 4 – Calendar

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google-calendar-final1Welcome back to Part 4 of PaySimple’s series on why Google Apps is a great choice for small business owners. This week we’re focusing on Google Caledar.

Perfecting the Pitch: Escaping the Confines of an Elevator

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virgin logoAre elevator pitches really that worthwhile to the success of a small business? Richard Branson weighs in on the true value of an “Anywhere Pitch.”

Receipts: What Do I Need To Keep for Tax Time?

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A box of receipts In this week’s guest post, Graham Hunter from GoodApril fill us in on the receipts that small businesses owners should be keeping for tax time.

Get Answers on How the New Healthcare Law Will Affect Your Small Business

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Affordable-Care-ActThe time is upon us. Large parts of the Affordable Care Act are on the cusp of implementation. Is your small business ready for these big upcoming changes?

Why Small Businesses Benefit from Google Apps: Part 3 – Google Voice

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Google-Voice-LogoPart 3 has arrived! If you’re a small business owner and you aren’t using Google Voice, you’re missing out! It’s a totally free phone number.

3 Steps to Control Your Business Listings Online

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location3picThis week PaySimple welcomes Nick Neels from Denver-based digital marketing agency Location3. Check out this great post on controling how your business appears in local search results.