Eric Remer

What is Creation? A look at the art of entrepreneurs

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I recently read an article that compared Entrepreneurs to Artists. Potentially a bit self serving as an Entrepreneur, I immediately gravitated to the message of the comparison. Although I always felt like a creator and knew my business creations had the potential to touch lives, it was the first time I had seen such a comparison, and to be honest, it did serve to provide me some internal validation that my daily activities were much nobler than just “going to work”.

In our society we often look at creative fields—such as artists, authors, actors—with a kind of reverence that these people created something beautiful out of nothing. They take a blank canvas, blank pages, or simply lines and make them come alive. By the way, I am one of the many that hold such pursuits in high esteem, as I get to enjoy their passionate creation along with everyone else they are able to touch.

Can Entrepreneurs really be looked at in the same light? Absolutely!

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Sarah Jordan

Small Businesses: Building from the Ground Up

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How this electronic payments provider can relate to small business All businesses, large, small and everywhere in between, started somewhere. YouTube started with three guys in a garage, Facebook was developed in a college dorm room, and Nordstrom took more than a few years to grow from family business into one of the most recognized […]

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