Heather Cash (left), Rebekka Herrington (right)

In 1997, CallSmart founder, Heather Cash launched her first telemarketing firm (under a different name) based on the belief that there was a better way to offer outsourced calling campaigns. She had a vision for making telephone marketing accessible to small and medium-sized businesses and believed that ethics were as important as results.

After pulling back and scaling down her company for a few years, Heather returned to Chicago with a renewed interest in starting and running a business. She joined forces with her process-innovator sister, Rebekka Herrington to launch CallSmart together in July 2014.

CallSmart is a business-to-business telephone marketing firm that specializes in outbound brand awareness, lead nurturing and appointment setting campaigns. They serve businesses of all sizes and have experience representing a variety of products and services including high investment and long and complex sales cycles.

We had the opportunity to chat with Rebekka about CallSmart and her recommendations for capitalizing on your marketing efforts during the (perhaps incorrectly perceived) slower months of the year.

Q: What do you like most about what you do?

Rebekka: We enjoy collaborating with growth-minded companies. Creating a successful campaign requires a combination of experience and creativity. It also requires trial and error. When you find a client that sees the big picture and will invest in processes to achieve the goal, it is very rewarding.

Q: What makes your business unique?

Rebekka: The industry has a poor reputation including dishonest and untrustworthy practices, such as large deposits and poor or no results. At CallSmart, we approach each call as an opportunity to grow a relationship. We respect people’s time and opinion, track conversations and use a multiple touch sales process. We always operate with integrity, do not sell the same leads to multiple clients and will not represent competing clients. Because of this, our campaigns offer exceptional ROI, and keep clients coming back.

Q: What kinds of things are you doing today to help your business grow?

Rebekka: Of course we implement telephone-marketing campaigns as part of our growth strategy, however, any marketing plan should encompass several different lead generation efforts to obtain new business. To that end, we have focused resources on creating and developing content to use on our blog, share in our email marketing campaigns and on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

A recent article that Rebekka published on LinkedIn highlights data that CallSmart has collected to debunk common myths about marketing in December from “no one is in the office” to “no one wants to meet,” “to it’s a waste of time and money.” Insight-driven and actionable, Rebekka’s article helps reframe the perspective of the holiday season translating to a business lull to a season ripe with opportunity.

Check out the full article, “Marketing in December: The Shocking Truth of Lost Opportunities” on LinkedIn.


About CallSmart and PaySimple

Rebekka and Heather have been PaySimple customers since 2015.

Q: What role has PaySimple played in your growth?

Rebekka: PaySimple has allowed us to streamline our credit card processing. Our customers are rarely in front of us, so we required a simple way to accept payments online. The team at PaySimple took the time to understand the unique needs of our company and walk us through how to easily and inexpensively implement a solution that works for us and for our clients.

Synthia Hernandez

Synthia Hernandez

Synthia Hernandez is a Senior Customer Success Manager at PaySimple who enjoys finding ways to grow small businesses. When not at PaySimple, Synthia likes to hike, do yoga, paint, explore places around Denver and travel.

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