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1. My Business Failed. Now What?

Taking into consideration that one in five businesses fail in their first year, we shared the four essential steps to take if you find yourself in this heart-breaking situation.

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2. The Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Preparing Your Business for Tax Time

Simply put, tax season is something your business either dreads or breezes through. Avoid unneeded stress using our short guide on how your business can prepare ahead of time.

3. What If You Could Add an Extra Day to Your Week? Enter, Automation

Small business owners always need more time and money. Automation is the key to unlocking both. We put together some helpful resources so your business can start automating key tasks today.

4. How to Accept Payments With a “Buy Now” Button on Your Website

Adding a “Buy Now” button to your website shouldn’t be a complicated task. Offer payment solutions to your customers with any website using our simple approach.

5. The Best Time-Saving Apps & Tools for Business Owners

Is your business looking for new ways to save time? Try using one of these apps to help you tackle tedious work and keep organized.

6. We Researched the Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business (So You Don’t Have to!)

For small business owners, email marketing has become a must-have. We found the five best email marketing tools your business can start using right now.

7. The Most Interesting Statistics on Being a Small Business Owner in 2018

Did you know that studies show now is a great time to expand and invest in your business? The National Federation of Independent Business reveals meaningful insights on small business economic trends in 2018. Here are our favorites.

8. Does Your Small Business Need a CRM System? (Plus Our Top Picks!)

If your business depends on the strength of client relationships, you might benefit from using a customer relationship management system. Find out which CRM system works best for your business.

9. The Simple Guide to Building Your Small Business Website

“Your site shouldn’t just sit there looking pretty—it should actively be working on your behalf.” If this isn’t how your website currently functions, use our guide to ensure you’re getting the most from your online platform.

10. Small Business Accounting Basics: Everything You Were Afraid to Ask!

Accounting can be a daunting subject for a business owner. Instead of avoiding it, empower yourself and ensure you’re making the best decisions for your small business.

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