Does Your Business Use Online Invoices? Here’s Why It Should:

Online invoicing is a popular among businesses collecting payment from customers. As an alternative to mailed invoices, online invoicing saves valuable time, and in many cases is preferred by customers today. Quick to create and use, online invoices can really help with the turnaround time of payment, improving overall cash flow for a business.

Consider this: when an online invoice lands in a customer’s inbox, they can pay it quickly and easily via a simple payment button. When you invoice online, you come across as prompt, professional, and responsive to how people actually buy things today.

Compare that to paper invoices: they arrive along with the junk mail, clutter up customers’ countertops, and get shuffled into a heap of soon-to-be-forgotten papers. If a customer does notice it a few weeks later, they first have to search for the checkbook, sit down to carefully write out the payment, hunt for a postage stamp, and drop everything in the mailbox. This process for the customer is quite extensive and time-consuming.

Today customers expect a fast and easy payment experience. From one-click shopping to automatic bill pay, they’ve come to expect the ease of online transactions. Online invoices signal that you understand their needs and the realities of a digital world. Additionally, if your business is already accepting payments online, the next best step is to start online invoicing. The sooner online invoicing is implemented, the sooner your business and customers benefit.

How are you accepting payments?

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Here’s How Online Invoices Can Transform Your Business:

#1. Online invoices are simply more convenient.

It’s easy to invoice online: your customers receive the online invoice directly in their inbox, and can pay instantly via the click-to-pay button that shows up right in their email. Best of all, they can pay the way they prefer: via credit card, debit card, or ACH payment, which makes online invoices convenient for both you and them.

#2. You’ll always know the status of an online invoice.

PaySimple automatically tracks each online invoice you send out, so you know exactly when a customer sees it. There’s no more waiting and wondering whether a paper invoice has arrived. From the moment customers access the invoice to the moment they make a payment, you’ll always be in the know.

#3. Online invoices help you look more professional.

PaySimple’s online invoices have a clean, professional design that can be customized with your business’s brand, logo, and colors. They also contain essentials like invoice items, payment terms, and taxes.

#4. Online invoices lead to faster payments and better cash flow.

Invoicing online means customers can also pay you online, any time, 24/7. You can also avoid chasing down payments, thanks to automatic follow-up emails that gently remind customers of upcoming payment deadlines.

#5. Online invoices can automate the way you get paid.

PaySimple lets you automate payments with recurring online invoices and online payments. This can help you establish a reliable cash flow and a predictable revenue stream. You can create customized recurring billing schedules and automate email invoices to go out at set times.

#6. Online invoices save your business valuable time.

All that printing, mailing, filing, and waiting feels distinctly 1990’s. Skip the postal service and save yourself the postage fees and paper cuts. Electronic invoices are instantly and securely delivered to your customer’s inbox with just a click of a button. Plus, you can easily generate and send multiple online invoices in less time than it would take you to create, print, and mail just one paper invoice.

Ready to invoice online? PaySimple can help! Here’s how you can streamline your billing with online invoices, starting today.



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