The payment landscape is shifting in every direction. From mobile payments and online transactions to updated point of sale and retail technologies, the way consumers are paying for their goods is changing. For businesses, this means changing the way they do business and moving with change of winds. One of the most popular forms of payments are via credit cards, and for the meantime (at least), that isn’t going to change. However, the method in which credit card processing occurs has already begun to shift. Here are trends in credit card processing happening right now.

Online Payment Processing

Online payments have changed the way credit card processing occurs, with no sign of slowing down. Many consumers have given up the magnetic strip for typing (and saving) their credit card information online. Many businesses favor the ability to securely save credit card information on file, with the convenience of charging the customer without them being there (or the customer having to carry a credit card with them at all).

Credit Card Swiper

A major shift in credit card processing is in the hardware in which they are scanned. The ability to mobilize a credit card scanner allows businesses to accept payments on the go, without changing the normal customer behavior.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet means a credit card can be saved on a mobile phone to be used in replace of a physical credit card. This requires the merchant to have the technology (typically NFC, or Near Field Communication) to read a signal from the phone and process the transaction. Similar to a business storing credit card information on file, this method allows the customer to keep their wallets at home while still relying on credit card processing to pay for their goods.

How have you or your business changed with these new methods of credit card processing? Share your thoughts in the comments below or with us on Twitter and Facebook.


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