You probably already have a social media strategy for your small business that involves blogging, tweeting, and posting on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. A typical strategy consists of creating great content and then publishing it and getting it noticed by your current and potential customers, in conjunction with engaging in relevant industry conversations and providing insightful comments. The goal is to use social media to improve brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and, of course, generate more sales.

Setting strategy is a great first step. But the real work begins with figuring out how to successfully put the plan into action. New research from COMPENDIUM, a social media marketing company, provides guidance on successful social media tactics for both B2C and B2B companies.

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Based on data culled from the 200+ companies that use their platform, COMPENDIUM has compiled a number of interesting statistics that are summarized in this social media infographic. Most interesting are their findings related to differences in how B2B and B2C should conduct social media marketing, including recommendations by specific channel.

Here are a few choice examples:

  • B2B posts on LinkedIn that include an exclamation point result in 26% more clicks, but B2B Tweets containing an exclamation point result in 15% fewer clicks.
  • B2B Tweets generate 193% more clicks if they include hashtags, but B2C Tweets generate 82% fewer clicks if they include hashtags.
  • Sunday is the best day for B2B LinkedIn posts, and Monday is the best day for B2C LinkedIn posts.
  • Using a number to describe content (i.e. “3 little known social media tips”) in a LinkedIn post provides no B2B or B2C advantage, but including a number using this format in a Tweet results in 50% more clicks for B2B and 3.5% more clicks for B2C.

There are separate detailed studies for B2B and B2C, both of which are available from the COMPENDIUM website. (You’ll need to provide contact information to get them, and will need to fill out the same form twice to get both.) Along with detailed tactical information, each report also includes samples of successful posts to help you craft your own social media content.

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Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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