In July we released our latest addition to our service commerce platform, BookSimple.

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BookSimple is an integrated scheduling tool that allows businesses to offer online booking for appointments, and meetings to their customers. Their customers can book at their convenience, while freeing up the entrepreneur to focus their energy on other parts of the business.

My goal on the Customer Success team is to educate and enable small businesses within the PaySimple platform, as well as be a champion for their long-term success. I know being a business owner is challenging, so I’m always interested in learning why our customers got into business for themselves in the first place and what their vision and goals are. In learning that, I can help them get PaySimple to do work for them, so they can get back to what they are passionate about – growing their business.

Shortly after the release of BookSimple, I realized that this software could help me provide a better experience to PaySimple’s customers. I started using it, and I found that it offers transparency for the customer and our calls together. It helps both parties prepare by explaining the nature of the call using the service description within the software (i.e introduction call vs. on-boarding call). I’m also able to include the length of the call, so the expectation is set and we are both able to take the appropriate time. The last thing I wish to do is waste what little time my entrepreneurs have. 

booking page from BookSimple

BookSimple was intended to help businesses like spas, career coaches, and chiropractors schedule appointments with their staff, and in their offices. My needs were similar but more focused on meetings that don’t take place face-to-face.

Use appointment booking to improve customer experience and build relationships

I use BookSimple a few different ways. Mainly, our customers will use it to schedule calls with me. This could be our first call together, or perhaps a weekly check-in that we schedule together. I have a link to my BookSimple calendar in my email signature, which allows the user to put time on my calendar when it works best for their schedule.

email signature link to booking page

I also use it to schedule follow-up calls , once a customer receives an invite they can easily link it to their existing calendar—it even sends them a reminder before our call.

How a small, service-based business can benefit

Now that I’ve used the product myself, I think there are many businesses that could benefit from using BookSimple. Most service-based businesses are perfect candidates. A personal trainer, for example, could make their availability known to their clientele through their booking page. In addition, many of our customers benefit from the time saved from having to answer voicemails, playing phone tag to schedule an appointment, and other scheduling headaches.

Whether or not you see your business using BookSimple daily, it can provide a portal for customers to visit and learn more about you, your staff, and your available hours. You can embed the BookSimple link in social media outlets and your website, using your brand to pull customers to view more about your availability, as well as your business as a whole.

Learn 5 ways to use a [Book Now] button to get more appointments.

I am not a small business owner, but my passion lies in supporting the goals of the entrepreneurs I work with every day. BookSimple has allowed our customers to book with me directly, freeing up more of my time to help them better leverage all that PaySimple has to offer, and allowing me to do more of what I love – helping them move their businesses forward.

Not sure if your business could benefit from an online booking software? Here are 7 reasons your business needs appointment booking.

Simplify your life with our free online appointment booking software booksimplebutton

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Dustin Seitz

Dustin Seitz

Dustin Seitz is a Customer Success Manager at PaySimple, and he thrives on helping small businesses grow. When not chatting with our customers, Dustin spends his time in the mountains, climbing, camping, fly-fishing and skiing, or sniffing around for new breweries to explore in the Denver area.

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