indexTo use social media effectively, you have to be able to find the conversations you need to be a part of, send your messages when and where they will be seen, and track your results so you can constantly improve. Here are six great tools for making the most of your social media efforts:

1. SocialMention

People are talking about your company on social media, whether you like it or not. To manage problems and grow your brand, you need to find those conversations, join them, and make them work for your business. SocialMention makes this easy, letting you define rules for what you want to be notified about: which keywords, and on which social media platforms. You’ll receive custom alerts. Use SocialMention to track conversations about your company, your industry, and the news your customers care about.

2. Needtagger

This paid tool finds sales leads on Twitter. Needtagger lets you set up custom searches to alert you whenever someone on Tweets about needing the product or service your business provides. You can also set it to track Twitter mentions of your industry, your competitors, and other people selling your type of product or service.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a simple tool to solve those problems and make the most of your marketing time. When you see great content, simply save it to your Buffer account. The tool automatically posts content throughout the day, using analytics to choose the best time and the best social media platform to get maximum impact from every post.

4. Hootsuite

This application lets you manage multiple social media campaigns from one web-based dashboard. You can schedule each post to go up on one or more accounts at the times you choose, or use the autoscheduler to post whenever your message is most likely to be seen. Multiple team members can work together on the same campaign and analyze results with built-in tools.

5. Google Analytics

This tool is the key to knowing which of your efforts get results. Google Analytics can track your ROI on every social media post, web site, mobile application, and advertisement. You’ll get detailed customized reports on what’s getting seen, what’s getting shared, and what’s converting to sales.

6. LikeAlyzer

This simple, free tool will tune up your company’s Facebook Page for maximum results. Just enter your Page name on the LikeAlyzer website, and it will provide a report that shows how your results compare to those of similar Pages, and gives suggestions for improving performance.

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