At the core of any successful hiring strategy are the core values and beliefs of the organization and its leaders. You know your company best and what you want your company to grow up and be in the world. Gut feel or not, take that vision and use that as your guide in hiring and making important growth decisions as you go.

Hiring is a challenge for many small businesses because it does require a significant investment and a significant risk to bring a new person onto your team.

While very business is unique, the two categories we hear business owners mention the most as being the most important when making hiring decisions are people and investment.

Decide who to Hire

When your business is growing, who you hire is incredibly important to your long-term success. Those that join your team need to believe in your goals, believe in your services and products, and care about the success of the business. Ultimately, you’ll be forced to go with your gut and the information you’re presented with to a large extent to make the right decisions but the thing that should always ground you is how you see your company growing and changing and how the person you’re talking with fits into that future vision.

How to:

Capture Your Brand – Know what you and your business are really about and be able to communicate that simply to candidates. You want to sell a new hire on your vision, hiring is a two-way street and for the success of your business you need to be excited about bringing them on board and they need to be excited about joining.

Make the Investment

There are a number of ways to make a hiring decision in terms of the investment your company will make as you grow your team. Some small businesses hire contractors or freelancers to supplement projects as needed while others look to hire a fulltime team member to build out a specific function or organization of the organization. You know your business best, go back to the vision you have for the future state of your business. It might be the time to make a bigger investment than you initially thought and bring in someone that will help you build your company.

How to:

Determine the Investment – Consider the function that you need to hire for, is it a core function of your business? If it is, it might be better to make a bigger investment and prepare to bring someone in that will be with the company throughout its growth phase. If the function is important but infrequent and not core to what you do as a business, then consider outsourcing the function to a freelancer, agency, or other outside party.

Hiring decisions are never easy, and really they shouldn’t be. Hiring the right people can make all the difference in your business’ success so take the time to focus on the vision you have for you future company and team and be as flexible as possible as you grow.

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Jessie Van Gundel

Jessie Van Gundel

Jessie is a Content Marketing Manager at PaySimple, responsible for creating and implementing content that supports and empowers small businesses. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, writing, biking, hiking, and being outside whenever possible.

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