imagine-conference-logo-arrival-300x225It takes a special company to develop a following so strong that it transcends countries and industries without skipping a beat. I was privileged to attend an event hosted by such a company. This April, Magento hosted their third annual Imagine eCommerce, a premier global ecommerce conference bringing together over 1500 merchants, developers and enthusiasts from more than 35 countries.

Magento is an open source platform that provides scalable eCommerce solutions used by over 150,000 businesses worldwide. Though I’m not a Magento developer nor is our company a Magento user, I flew to Las Vegas to witness the extraordinary (sometimes cult-like) following that Magento has fostered over the past six years.

The keynote presentations were overwhelming inspiring and stacked with c-level talent, like John Donahoe, eBay Inc. president and CEO and Steven Levitt, economist and co-author of Freakonomics. However, Magento’s magnetism began long before its famous affiliations. Roy Rubin, Magento CEO and co-founder, recognizes the importance of good partners, sharing success, and creating an attractive destination for developers and employees. Magento was built on community and crowd-sourced innovation.

The theme of the event was the “Art of Commerce,” encouraging everyone to find beauty in their unique roles and revealing the artistic side of technology. Staying true to their trademark color, orange was another theme… lots and lots of orange. If you weren’t already, the immaculate branding had you drinking the [orange] Kool-Aid by the time you left. It was clean, cool and invigorating.

We can all learn from Magento. While there’s no doubt that they’re paving the way for ecommerce, it’s the way Magento does business that enables their success and leaves us mesmerized – pushing boundaries, finding genius, fostering community and tying it all up with an orange bow.

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