Have you noticed the current bundling trend? It seems almost impossible to get only what you want these days. A JAVA update is bundled with a web browsing toolbar, a file conversion program is bundled with audio editing software, your phone company wants you to bundle cellular, internet and TV, and even those infomercials want to give you a combination pocket knife/grooming kit with your “one-of-a-kind” thingamajig purchase.

Word processing software has not escaped the bundle trend. If you want to get it, even if you’re looking for a free program, it’s hard to find outside of a “suite” that also provides spreadsheet, graphics, presentation, and email software as well. However, with AbiWord you can elude the bundle.

AbiWord is a basic word processing program, and only a word processing program. And, it’s free. It has the expected word processing features including spell check, mail merge, header and footer support, and advanced text formatting. It supports opening and saving in its own proprietary format, as well as Microsoft Word doc files, Open Office files, Rich Text files (rtf), and even html. Along with English, it also supports 30 other languages. The program is compatible with Windows 95 and later, most UNIX/Linux systems, QNX Neutrino 6.2 and MacOS X.

To learn more, check out the Tour on the AbiWord website, or read through their extensive FAQ.

Download the Windows version from the trusted CNet download site (and read the editor and user reviews while you’re there). To download the software for other Operating Systems or the source code, go to the AbiWord download page.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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