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Why Spend Time Decluttering?

With the first day of Spring, small shoots appear in the soil letting you know that it’s time for new growth. Perhaps your business is growing along with the flowers. Are you thinking about hiring your first employee or maybe adding to your current staff? Then it’s time to tend to your soil to make sure your company will run smoothly with the addition.

In the business world, data is your garden soil and Spring is the perfect time to till your data, making it relevant, accessible, and organized. After all, you want your new employees to help grow your business quickly and efficiently, not get bogged down in the mud of file chaos.

Taking the time to spring into data cleanup will be worth it in the long run. Okay, enough with the analogies. Annually, monthly or weekly, data decluttering is a valuable use of time. It ensures that everyone on your team can be part of moving forward. Consider getting the most out of your efforts by scheduling your data cleanup time right before, or at the same time you perform your regular business checkup.

In an optimal clutter-free world, every second we spend on a task would be optimized. Imagine finding what you need when you need it! You could maximize productivity and channel positive energy into endless accomplishment. In a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, Corporate Data: A Protected Asset or a Ticking Time Bomb, 73 percent of end users stated that the growth of numerous types of company data have significantly affected their ability to find and access that data. [i]

What Should you Declutter?

If you’re still working off paper files, now is a great time to think digitally.

Reviewing the data you have collected throughout the year (reports, documents, presentations, etc.) can be informative of where you’ve been and where you want to go next. Some will be relevant for the future, some will need to go.

I know, it can be daunting and there are those of us who fear getting rid of information. We’ve all been there—is this document still relevant? Will someone need this information later? What if I’m asked for this in two years and I throw it away? That’s what folders are for! Creating a “past” sub-folder for your key documents can be extremely helpful for this problem. Just don’t forget to schedule some time every few months or so, to go through that folder. Ensuring your folders hold up-to-date information that is easily accessible will make for a much more productive work environment.

How Should you set Your Business up for a Decluttered Future?

Are you still working off your desktop?

With a growing business, access to certain information by your employees can simplify your daily activities. Consider joining a cloud-based shared storage option. The following article lists 10 excellent options currently available, ranging from free to more robust pay services: 10 Cloud Storage Services for SMBs

With that, it’s time to get to work. Your files await! Enjoy the smell of success as your business grows from a bit of spring cleaning.

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Kate Martin

Kate Martin

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