“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m literally paid faster, easier, and on time. And that’s 100% true.”

-Maury Rogow, Owner

Starting a Business

Maury Rogow, owner of RIPMedia, had been working in high-end sales for fourteen years for companies like Cisco and Avaya, but decided to take a chance and start a business that would allow him to do what he saw as his true talent: video production. “I wanted to do something that was fun and creative,” Maury explained. “I wanted to combine my experience in sales with my passion for making films, and make it into a business.” Three years ago, Maury started marketing his services to media and entertainment companies, boasting a portfolio that includes a feature film airing on Showtime and The Movie Channel as well as many videos for charitable organizations like StudentsFirst and the Alliance for Education. The idea behind his business: Build companies’ brands by adding Hollywood-quality video entertainment at a fraction of the cost.

Challenges Await

After finding his initial clients and discovering a growing success with RIPMedia, he encountered the same old problem that many companies bump into: getting paid.

“I was receiving payment by good ‘ol fashioned check, and felt like I was always behind,” he said. “I’d hear, ‘Oops! I thought we mailed that thing; well let me send it now.’ And at that point, the check was already a month late.”

In addition to the delay in receiving checks in the mail, Maury experienced pains with the general process of accepting and depositing paper checks. “There was also a delay of me getting to the bank if we were filming out of area,” he remarked, “and then maybe there was a delay because the check was from out of state. Then there was the stress and time of tracking these things down, plus tracking them in a ledger to know who’s paid.”

How are you accepting payments?

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Finding a solution

Maury knew there had to be an easier or even automated way to collect payments from his clients. After hearing about PaySimple from a friend, he was convinced he found the answer. “I wanted something that had all of my receivables in one place,” he said. “And that was what PaySimple was offering, so I jumped on it.”

Faster Payments and Increased Sales

When receiving paper checks as a primary form of payment, Maury felt that he was always chasing down check payments. By using a combination of PaySimple’s Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing, he is paid faster and actually takes on more projects because of it. “With checks,” he explained, “people would just hesitate, and then forget to send them altogether. So a lot of projects I would never even start work on because they never sent the deposit. Nowadays I’m paid almost immediately and I can start work right away, which is better for our clients, as well as the business.”

Time Savings

After using PaySimple for two years, Maury is still thrilled with the results he has seen. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “As far as outstanding bills, I’m certain that I save at least a full day per month. The time I used to spend making calls, asking ‘Is that check really in the mail?’ didn’t add value in the customer relationship, and it certainly was not the fun part of my business. The fun part is delivering quality video products, and that’s what I can focus on.

Added Services for His Clients

Maury recently started using additional features in his PaySimple system that he had been meaning to explore for a while, but as a busy business owner, kept pushing to the bottom of his list. After receiving a proactive check-in call from a PaySimple Account Manager, he was able to get his questions answered and launched a branded web payment form, linked directly from his website. “It’s beautiful,” he commented. “There is a custom page right there, one click away from my homepage, where [clients] can go pay a bill.” Chuckling, he added, “And that’s because your people called me. I might have never gotten around to it.”

Plans for Future Growth

With a successful, streamlined business established, Maury is excited for the opportunities that await. When asked if he had future plans for expansion, he replied, “Absolutely.”

RIPMedia will begin pushing into a new market over the next few months with an offer targeted towards small businesses. “There are small businesses out there that have a real need for video on their websites that can quickly explain what they do, and keep their visitors engaged,” he added. “We’ll put together a really inexpensive offer and be able to turn around custom, motion graphics and videos in eight to ten days.”

Thank you, Maury, for sharing your story.

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