Think of any small business related topic…there is likely an infographic for that. The field is definitely diverse, and it is growing. A Google search for “Small Business Infographic” returns over 3 million results. Though not all of those are actual infographics; some are duplicate and triplicate references to the same infographic, and many of them are quite old. To hone in on what the current small business infographic conversation looks like, I filtered the results for only those posted between January 1 and July 29, 2016. That significantly narrowed the field to 294 results at the moment of my search. Within those I surveyed the top 50 actual infographic results (eliminating duplicate references and pages about infographics that did not contain them).

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Small Business Infographic Trends in 2016

I relied entirely on the Google estimation of relevance (if not actual quality of infographic) in selecting my sample, which when the duplicate and extraneous pages are eliminated results in a sampling of about 25% of the relevant infographics. I looked specifically at the topics covered, the type of data depicted, the methods used to display that data, and common use of images.

The Small Business Infographic Findings:

Primary Subject

  • Marketing/Sales: 22%
  • Social Media: 12%
  • Finance: 12%
  • Technology: 10%
  • Websites: 8%
  • Starting a business: 4%
  • Business Trends/Applications: 32%
    (The catch-all category…Everything from software to the economy to healthcare to best practices for running a small business.)

Data Source

  • Third-party study or survey: 52%
  • Original study or survey: 18%
  • “Expert Advice”: 18% (meaning the author claimed to be an expert)
  • A combination of third-party research and “Expert Advice”: 12%

Financial Data
(at least one element in the infographic included financial data)

  • 28%

Type of Charts & Graphs Used

  • Bar Chart: 36%
  • Doughnut Chart: 32%
  • Pie Chart: 20%
  • Map Chart: 8%

Images Used

  • People: 54%
  • Money: 38%
  • Mobile Device: 34%
  • Graph: 34%
  • Storefront: 26%
  • Laptop: 26%
  • Numbered steps/sections/list: 24%
  • 3rd party logos: 24%
  • Magnifying glass: 22%
  • Lightbulb: 16%


INFOGRAPHIC: What Small Business Infographics are Graphing

That data just called out to be infographiced (?). So, here’s my contribution to the small business infographic field.

infographic on infographics_sm

(Click the image for a larger version, or download as a .pdf)


Creating Your Own Infographics

Creating an infographic to help promote your small business is as simple as picking a topic, gathering data, creating the infographic itself, and then getting it seen—be that via social media posts, promoting it on your website, or even hanging it in your store. And if you’re very lucky, others will see it, share it, and cause it (along with your brand) to go viral.

The topic can be anything related to your business, the point is to have your brand associated with relevant information. You could, as a majority of the infographics I surveyed did, simply graph findings based on other people’s research. But, your infographic is more likely to make a unique contribution to your marketspace if you base it on your own research, or if you use it to provide a unique analysis of 3rd party data. (For example, my infographic was based on a set of Google search results. Another good data source is the US Census, which provides a number of data mining tools you can use to create your own custom datasets.) You could also create an infographic to provide expert advice in a fun, visual way, as I did with the Security Turkey infographic last year.

Once you have your data and your stats, it is time to create the infographic—which need not require any expert graphic skills.I could have called in our marketing department to create a slick, professionally designed infographic, but I decided to create this one on my own (and believe me, I’m no graphic designer!) to show you just how easy it is…any small business owner can do it, no matter how artistically handicapped.

The infographic above was created using the free web-based Canva design tool. There were a bunch of design constraints that made using Canva a bit cumbersome at times, but for a free tool it turned out a pretty respectable infographic.

Of course, there are tons of other free and paid tools that can be used for creating infographics. This post from Cool Infographics is one of the best, most comprehensive, listing of design tools I’ve found. Check it out for brief descriptions and links to over 100 offerings that will help you create all sorts of graphics and presentations (not just infographics).

Finally, get that infographic out there. Post it on your blog and on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest; Tweet it; or email it to your customers…and encourage sharing.


The Top 50 2016 Small Business Infographics

In case you were just itching to see the infographics which informed the What Small Business Infographics are Graphing; here they are linked and accessible for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Infographic: 5 Tech Trends Small Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2016
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  10. Building Credit for Your Small Business
  11. How to Create Brand Recognition for Your Small Business [Infographic]
  12. Great Time to Buy/Sell a Small Business [Infographic]
  13. Snapchat Marketing: How to Use Snapchat to Market your Small Business! [INFOGRAPHIC]
  14. 2016 Small Business Expense Reporting Trends
  15. Infographic: The 2016 State of Small Business Marketing
  16. How To Launch A Small Business In 30 Days
  17. The 2016 Social Video Forecast [Infographic]
  18. Small Business is Big in Canada
  19. Marketing Automation On A Shoestring Budget
  20. Why eLearning?
  21. Infographic: Finding Great Candidates Is a Speed Bump to Small Business Hiring
  22. Why Repeat Customers Are Key to Your Small Business [Infographic]
  23. Social Media 101 – How To Turn Your Small Business Into A Huge Enterprise
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  25. 17 Cost Saving Ideas for Small Businesses
  26. The Power of Online Communities for Local Businesses
  27. Small Business SEO Checklist
  28. Bill, Track & Get Paid
  29. What Small Businesses Want from Managed Services [#Infographic]
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  31. Austin small business gets ready for SXSW [Infographic]
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  33. The Amazing Potential of Pinterest for Small Business Marketing [Infographic]
  34. Infographic: The Unmet Needs of Small Businesses
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  39. Infographic: Buying a Franchise Versus Starting Your Own Business
  40. Small Business In the U.S. And Abroad
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  43. Small Business and The Election [INFOGRAPHIC]
  44. The 10-Step Small Business Website Checklist [Infographic]
  45. The Tradeoffs: VoIP vs On-Site PBX for Your Small Business (#Infographic)
  46. Visualizing Health Policy infographic
  47. WordPress 101 for Small Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]
  48. Infographic: Protect Your Small Business from Fraud
  49. Infographic: Big moves for small businesses
  50. Forget superfast, look who’s missing basic broadband – infographic (UK data)


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