2015 Trends InfographicSee the industry shifts that began in 2014 and will lead the way to powerful new developments in 2015. We predict that 2015 will be the year eCommerce technology explodes in the service business market. Rather than only a few business types, such as restaurants and car booking apps, experiencing the benefits of mobile booking and accessible purchasing, we will see ecommerce technology shift to meet the needs of the larger service business market. What does this mean for small business owners? You will see more innovative, integrated, and cost effective solutions to sell your services on any device.

2015 Small Business PredictionsWant more predictions? Enjoy our infographic now or continue reading for our Top 5.

  1. Service businesses, such as spas, salons and gyms, will continue to thrive, representing 75% of consumer spending.
  2. Small businesses are still playing catch up to big brands: 45% of SMB’s did not have a website in 2014, with only 6% optimized for mobile.
  3. Customers want to be billed online! 46% say paperless bills enhance the experience and 77% say bill pay reminders increase customer satisfaction. This information comes as no surprise. Organizational issues, such as keeping track of due dates and paper statements, are cited as the top bill payment concern.
  4. The privacy fight is not over! After Target and Home Depot made front page news for credit card data breaches in 2014, 91% of Americans agreed or strongly agreed that consumers have lost control of personal information and data.
  5. Mobile payments will explode from $52 billion in 2014 to a predicted $142 billion by 2019.

See infographic for sources.

Amanda Jurgens

Amanda Jurgens

Amanda is the Marketing Automation Manager at PaySimple responsible for email marketing strategy, development and optimization. In addition to a well-executed marketing campaign, Amanda loves outdoor activities in all of Colorado’s seasons, dog kisses and concerts.

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