While driving into work yesterday, the radio informed me that it was National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. At first I was dubious and couldn’t believe that was a thing; then I wondered why it needed a designated day…as far as I’m concerned every day you get to play with bubble wrap is worthy of celebration. That perverse pleasure in popping shouldn’t be reserved for the last Monday in January.

If you feel the same, then extend the celebration today and grab yourself a Bubble Wrap Calendar so you’ll always have a handy fix and an excuse to pop every day. You might also join the conversation at #Bubblewrapday, learn a bit about the history of bubble wrap from the Sealed Air Corporation (the company that owns the Bubble Wrap trademark), or get the Bubble Wrap App for iOS.

Fun Bubble Wrap Fact: Just over one minute of popping bubble wrap provides stress relief equivalent to a 33 minute massage. (Source: Sealed Air Corporation “Pop Poll” Stress Survey)

In addition, in honor of National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, the following tips will help make your small business marketing pop.


Making Small Business Branding Pop

Make It Pop: Branding Essentials for the Digital Age from business.com reminds small business owners that their branding needs to be, “relevant, personable, and most of all, memorable.” Among other helpful suggestions, the post instructs “professing” instead of “pitching” as a way of providing your customers and prospects with the information they want in the way they want to hear it—rather than simply shouting a marketing message.

6 Ways To Make Your Brand Pop! doesn’t break new ground, but reminds you of the brand basics you likely already know. Its best advice for small business branding is, “Be yourself! We have all heard that a million times in life. In branding, this just means find your own identity and there’s no need to copy big brands or chains. Being truly independent and original can actually attract customers who are looking for something new, fresh, and different from your competitors.”


Making Small Business Websites Pop

Make Your Website Pop: Awesome Features for Your Internet Business, a post from a graphic design firm (yes they are trying to sell you something), provides advice for creating an engaging small business website. One simple, but often overlooked ,suggestion is how to make an appropriate font choice that does not become dated (think Helvetica not Comic Sans) and that translates well to mobile devices.

Website Pop Ups – 5 Reasons Why You Want to Use Them cites statistics proving that pop-ups on your website truly do drive conversions. For example, using a pop-up to invite joining an email list increases conversions by 1,375%, and making the sign-up offer part of an exit-intent pop up, which appears when a user attempts to exit a website, can boost sign-ups by 600%. To benefit from this upside, you’ll need to properly and considerately implement the pop-ups, and the post provides help with doing it right.
(My Aside: Make sure your pop-ups are requests not demands– you may indeed increase newsletter sign-ups if you ask for them in an exit-popup; but you are likely to send customers running if you require one in order to access your content.)


Making Small Business Email Pop

Pop That Color: Make Your Email Design Stand Out, a recent Business2Community post, provides a comprehensive tutorial on choosing effective color schemes for email marketing campaigns. The post highlights what works, and explains why, as well as warning about color choices that are likely to distract rather than enhance your message. In addition to dissecting actual examples, it provides several effective color pallets you can use for your own small business email campaigns.


Making Small Business Copy Pop

6 Writing Tips to Make Your Marketing Messages Pop provides tips for writing content that converts to sales. The post provides examples of how to craft copy that identifies and solves a customer problem, instills a sense of urgency, and persuades as well as help with getting the right tone and addressing both deep readers and scanners.

Make Your Writing Pop: 8 Tips, an inc.com post, provides tips for creating different types of copy. For example, when composing tweets or short emails, “use poems, puns, irony, sarcasm, satire, humor, and virtually any other tool available to make readers take notice….if the eyebrows are flat or furrowed; you’re not getting through. Make it so compelling that even Botox users get a lift.” For big projects like whitepapers or case studies, the post suggests writing in your “3rd place,”—a public location such as a park or coffee shop where you can work privately but away from the distractions of your home and office.

How to Make Your Writing Real provides actual examples of how you can make your writing drive home the message you want to send by making your message meaningful and your benefits tangible.


Making Small Business Social Media Pop

5 Tips to Make Your Social Media Pop and Get More Social Media Followers provides suggestions that will help your social media posts be shared more widely. A key tip is to always include native images in Tweets, rather than image links. To support this tip, the post cites research showing that Tweets containing Instagram links are 42% less likely to get re-tweeted than native image Tweets and that Tweets containing Facebook image links are 47% less likely to get re-tweeted than native image Tweets.


Making Small Business Images Pop

Make it Pop: 10 Ways to Apply the Lessons of Pop Art to Your Design [With 30 Examples That Show You How], a post from free graphic design software provider Canva (see this tip post for a review), provides examples of how you can use classic Pop Art styles (such as those of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein) for your own small business marketing. Even if this approach doesn’t make sense to your message and your brand, the post is still worth a read for the fantastic examples.

9 Must-Use Instagram Tools That’ll Make Your Business Pics Pop! details free tools you can use to make images you post on Instagram stand out. Among the suggestions are Layout for collages, Quick for captions, PicPlayPost for video editing, and Hyperlapse for creating time-lapse videos.

3 new apps that make your smartphone photos pop details an app you can use to create short animated GIFs from still photos, an app for applying artistic filters to photos (think an Edvard Munch Scream effect), and an app for creating dramatic black and white image conversions.


Making Small Business Cards Pop

10 clever ways to make your next business card design pop provides examples of business card designs that can help you stand out from the crowd such as cards that can be folded into paper airplanes, cards made of unusual materials such as wood or slide frames, and cards printed on unusual objects such as actual cash money.


Making Small Business Presentations Pop

3 tricks for making your Google Slides presentation more eye-catching, provides tips on how you can use the free Google Slides web-based app (a free PowerPoint-type application) to create compelling presentations. The post provides instructions on using masking to create visual interest, using translucent bubbles to place text over images, and a hack for creating drop shadows (a feature the app lacks).

Make Your Printed Spreadsheets Pop with this Excel 365 Tip provides detailed instructions on how you can change your default Excel print settings so that your charts and graphs print more crisply and vibrantly. It’s a little thing, but it can make a big difference.


Making Small Business eBay Listings Pop

How To Make Your Ebay Listings Pop (With Bold Red Text), provides instructions for manipulating your eBay listings so that they are automatically highlighted by the system.

Astonishingly Easy Ways to Make Your eBay Listings Go ‘Pop!’ This post from a former eBay account manager who is now a top seller provides tips you can use to make your entire eBay listing (not just the image and title that appear in search results) stand out from the crowd and convert lookers into buyers.


Pop-Up Shops for Small Businesses

Finally, we go from pop to pop-up.

A pop-up shop is a temporary physical location—a cart, a table in an existing business, a truck, a short-term lease in a vacant store, or even a tent in a public place—where you set up shop for a short time. These posts can help you create a successful pop-up for your small business.

6 tips for successfully marketing your first pop-up shop provides help for small businesses making their first foray into pop-ups. The tips center on social media promotion of a pop-up and range from using influencer marketing to promote the event to live-streaming it on Periscope.

17 Pop-Up Store Success Stories You Can Learn From provides detailed examples of successful storefronts, and tips you can use for your own small business pop-up. For example, a pop-up catering to men (who it knows hate shopping marathons), set up a luxurious seating area so that its target customers could take a load off and absorb its brand.

7 Of The Most Creative Pop-Up Shop Ideas Ever! includes examples of pop-ups that use unconventional locations or marketing strategies. For example, it suggests selling out of a Conex shipping container, enticing customers with alluring scents, and the (pretty obvious) suggestion to give away yummy free food.


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