Secure mobile credit card processing can save you time, help you sell more, and create a seamless experience for customers who appreciate the convenience of buying and paying on the go. And it’s easy to get started with mobile credit card processing because all you’ll need is a smartphone or tablet, payment software, and a mobile credit card reader.

“How can I accept credit card payments on my phone?”

With mobile credit card processing, you can accept payments wherever you and your customers happen to be. To begin accepting mobile credit card payments, you’ll need to select the right payment processing partner, like PaySimple and make a few other decisions before you are set up.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

First, understand the benefits of mobile credit card processing.

You have a great business and your customers love you—but do they love your payment options? You may think things are “just fine,” but your customers may have a different opinion. See how one business owner, who jokes about his “PayDifficult” paper check system, would benefit from going “PaySimple”—and how you could, too!

How are you accepting payments?

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Next, get the right payment software for your business.

Depending on what type of business you have, you will want to work with a payment processing partner that meets your needs. Before scanning the mobile app store on your phone, you will want to know the criteria you want a mobile app solution to meet for your credit card processing needs. A great way to complete this step is to work through a checklist for choosing the right credit card app. For instance, if your business has online shopping, and also wants to be able to do mobile payments, you will want a mobile application that can handle both. If you already have a payment software installed and they do not offer mobile payments, you’ll want to consider a transition or see if you can utilize two systems together.

Finally, get your mobile credit card reader.

Sometimes it is not a requirement to have a mobile credit card reader to take mobile payments. Depending on which payment software you have, you may be able to type in payment information. However, using a card swiper can be very convenient and is an option to consider with mobile credit card processing. Choosing a mobile credit card reader for business also comes with considerations and being informed prior to purchasing can be helpful in the long haul.  From the customer’s perspective, it’s a seamless experience: they choose a product or service and can pay on the spot, rather than waiting for you to invoice them later. Just plug your mobile credit card reader into your smartphone or tablet, connect to your payment software via a mobile app, and let customers pay you with their credit card when you’re out in the field. Here’s how to get your mobile credit card reader from PaySimple.

Mobile credit card processing gives your business the flexibility to compete in an increasingly online world. If you’re ready to add mobile credit card processing to your business, give PaySimple a try. The PaySimple mobile app lets you accept mobile credit card payments, capture customer registrations, book appointments, set up one-time or recurring billing, and is completely connected to the online PaySimple experience.

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