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Hiring great people is one of the best things you can do for your business! The right hire now can pay off for years to come, but sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, checking references… it can be a real time suck. Here are a couple ways to save time (and headaches and maybe even some money).

1. Before you do anything, set up a hiring kickoff meeting with your team. Gather up the other essential roles in the decision making process and make sure everyone has a clear idea of the plan and what you’re looking for. Some of the questions you’ll want to answer in that meeting include: What is the target start date and salary range? (As soon as possible and as little as possible don’t count.) How many interviews will you do and who needs to be involved in each round?

Talk through your hard requirements, your would-be-nices, and even what personality you will want to add. Sometimes to balance a team you might be looking for someone who brings up the energy in a room or someone who will be a bit more grounded. Talk to your team about where you’ve had the most success finding candidates. Job listings are expensive, so if you know Monster works better for some roles than LinkedIn, you can save money by only posting to one.

2. Use a scheduling tool to set up phone interviews or phone screens. Emails back and forth to figure out a time for a call are bad. Three rounds of phone tag and voicemails are even worse! An online scheduling tool like TimeTrade makes the process far easier. You determine the times you want to be available for calls, then TimeTrade automatically syncs with your Outlook or Google calendar to block off times you’re busy. You send a link to a candidate who looks promising and she gets to see available time slots on your calendar and schedule herself into your day.

3. Try out using video interviews or case question “homework” if you have a large pool of candidates. You can create a list of questions and let candidates create a video, or craft answers to the questions on their own time. Then you and your team can review the responses when it works for you. You avoid the hassle of scheduling and you can get more than one person to weigh in without having to gather everyone together at the same time.

4. Get beyond the resume and incorporate questions that tie back to your company’s core values. At PaySimple, we’re fanatics about PATHS: passion, authenticity, teamwork, happiness and service. Every person who applies for a job here answers five questions related to those values. (e.g. Service — What is the kindest thing that someone has ever done for you?) You learn a lot, and really quickly, about whether someone’s a potential culture fit.

Those are just a few ways that you can go about streamlining your hiring process but continue to grow your teams successfully!

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Mel Torgusen

Mel Torgusen

Mel Torgusen is the Director of Empowerment at PaySimple. Amongst the many perks she's enjoyed at PaySimple since 2009, she is most grateful for the option to wear yoga pants to work.

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