If you’re like most small businesses, email is an integral part of your prospecting, sales and marketing programs.  Sending email is both targeted and inexpensive, and tracking effectiveness is a clear-cut process.  So, the important question is, how are your email campaigns performing?  Are you getting your expected response and open rates?  According to the Silverpop 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark study, while open rates and click-through rates vary by industry, average open rates range from 12 to 25 percent, and click-through rates between one and four percent.

If your own efforts are below average it may be because you are making mistakes when crafting your message.  A recent INC post, How to Write a Sales Email, provides detailed tips for how to craft a prospecting sales email. It walks you step-by-step through a poor sales email, and then provides specific examples for how to improve it.  These actionable tips will help you optimize response rates. For example, your call-to-action should require minimal investment from the prospect– so instead of asking a person to take time out of their day to meet with you, simply ask them to reply to the email to get more information.

Once you’ve gotten that initial response, you need a killer follow-up email that will help you actually make the sale and convert them from prospect to customer.  Another INC post in the same series, How to Write a Convincing Email, provides advice on how to structure that next email in a way that spurs the action you desire.  For example, it suggests that you start the email with the conclusion—the step you want the recipient to take—and then succinctly and persuasively make the case for why the recipient should take that action.

Lastly, in order to see if your email campaigns are performing up to your expectations, you need to track the sales they generate.   Chances are the email marketing software you currently use provides the tools you need.  For tips on how to use them, read the socialmediatoday.com post How to Integrate Sales Tracking into Your Email Campaigns.

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