This holiday season promises to be huge for e-commerce. Online Shopping is expected to grow 12.1% in the US alone this holiday season, to as much as $96 billion—with a good portion of it being conducted via social media and mobile devices. According to a McAfee study, 70% of Americans plan to shop online this holiday season, and 54% of those people plan to use a mobile device. Although consumers know to verify that sites they visit and purchase from are trustworthy, 20% of online shoppers say they don’t know how to determine if a site is secure. This knowledge gap provides another way for cybercriminals to victimize unsuspecting, and unprotected, shoppers.

To help people protect themselves, McAfee has released the Top 12 Scams Of Christmas To Watch Out For. Read about the current threats in social media, mobile, travel, spam/phishing, gift scams, Skype, gift cards, SMiShing (text message scams), fake e-commerce sites, fake charity sites, e-cards, and phony classified ads, and learn how to protect yourself from them.

With so much sophisticated fraud out there, it is no wonder that customers are wary about shopping online. So what does this mean to your small business e-commerce site? Pay extra close attention to making your website look trustworthy and secure.

Big companies like Amazon have generated trust over time in a number of ways. Your small business may have built up that kind of trust with your existing customer base, but likely does not have the same credibility with new customers who reach your website for the first time.

The following resources provide help with creating an e-commerce website that makes that all important first impression positive and trustworthy.

Lisa Hephner

Lisa Hephner

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