Being a rock star is tough; it takes talent, passion, and a desire to make people happy. Wait, what? A desire to make people happy? Yup, all that rocking isn’t just about the attention; it’s also about connecting with fans and spreading happiness. Look for the same qualities when hiring a Customer Care Specialist and you will have a team full of Care rock stars!

There are a number of things you can do to build a solid Care organization, but here are four things you need to do if you want your team to rock.

1. Find that Special Sauce
The first is to identify the je ne sais quoi that every person interfacing with your customers should have, especially your Customer Care team. Making people happy is what makes a “care person” tick, and it’s usually a palpable trait they can’t help but exude. Once you find your “care person” set them up for success by creating process, structure, and a healthy dose of positivity.

2. Set Clear Rockstar Expectations
Care folks are “pleasers,” they want to make their customers, teammates, supervisors, and anyone they come in contact with happy. In order to be successful in their role, they need to know what is expected of them, and how to accomplish their daily responsibilities. By creating easy to follow, clear procedures you will empower your team to seek answers and exceed customer expectations. This also helps your team work with customers to come up with creative solutions, because they know their options within those boundaries and guidelines.

3. Routinely Reinforce and then Repeat
Not all teams love structure, but your Customer Care team will relish it. They are an organized group of people who thrive when they accomplish tasks and check things off their list. Be consistent in your delivery of new processes or procedures. Use quick daily huddles and schedule regular team meetings to keep your team in the loop on things that will affect their role in the near future.

4. Cultivate Open Flow for Positive Energy
Create positivity and encouragement! Your team’s energy and happiness should shine through to your customers. There is so much you can do to create a positive team; here are just a few ideas: be open to talking through creative solutions to a customer’s tricky issue, encourage new ideas to help make the team better, and remove “blocks” so that their day is easier. Don’t forget to track all the team’s accomplishments with daily goals, and share those accomplishments with the team and your company on a regular basis. Celebrate wins, share great feedback from customers, laugh and “keep it light!”

Do these simple things and, not only will have a team of rock stars, you will create groupies out of your customers. Your customers will look forward to working with your team and will swoon at their ability to solve problems and share happiness. Rock on!

Leah Bowes

Leah Bowes

My name is Leah Bowes and I am the VP of Customer Experience. I headup the Customer Success and Customer Care teams and own the holistic "customer experience," ensuring that we provide consistent communication, ongoing product improvements, access to educational materials, and strong relationship development and support. I have been a member of the PaySimple team since January of 2009. I am originally from New Jersey, and although I don’t have an accent (most of the time), I still consider myself a little bit of a “Jersey Girl.” I love to read, write, paint, entertain and cook, run, do yoga, spend time with family, friends, and our new pup, listen to live music, and travel.

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