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Founded in 1979, Gursey | Schneider LLP is a CPA and accounting firm based in Century City, Los Angeles that specializes in servicing high net worth, private equity, media & entertainment and nonprofit clients.

Founders, Donald L. Gursey and Stanly B. Schneider, combined their expertise in business management and forensic litigation support to build an award-winning firm with a staff of over 200.

Teaching an Old Firm New Tricks

Since joining Gursey Schneider in 2014, Administration Director, Doug Walton has been on a mission to streamline all administrative aspects of the firm through digital transformation. Doug immediately identified payment collection as a key pain point facing Gursey Schneider.

“As soon as I started at Gursey Schneider, I began looking for a new payment processor. Everything was manual, there were no online payment forms to allow clients to pay on their own, and it took way too long for the staff to process payments,” said Doug.

The firm’s previous payment processor did not have a self-serve payment portal, which meant all payments needed to be collected manually by a member of the accounting department. The platform was cumbersome and difficult to use on the backend as well, making it difficult to obtain payment information if a client were to call hoping to pay without notice.

“Our biggest challenge was collecting payments on time. When people pay on time, it’s easy. Then you have the more difficult situations. We needed a payment processor that allowed for a self-service model,” said Doug.

The Search for a Simple yet Powerful Payment Software

When Doug set out looking for a new payment processor, he knew the firm needed a provider that offered flexible payment options (ACH, eChecks and credit cards), an online payment portal that would be easy for clients to use, as well as attentive customer support.

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A quick Google search led him to PaySimple. In comparing payment processors side by side, Doug favored PaySimple for its simple, easy-to-use interface.

“It’s in the name. PaySimple’s interface is simple and easy to work with—that’s the main reason we made the switch,” said Doug.

Once Gursey Schneider implemented PaySimple, they were able to quickly train all members of the accounting team on the software and give each their own secure login ID. The firm is now able to accept credit cards, ACH/eChecks, and paper checks from those clients that still prefer to go the traditional route. The self-serve payment portal makes it easy for clients to pay online at their leisure, and as a premier-level PaySimple merchant, the firm benefits from having a dedicated Customer Success Manager to answer their questions.

Empowering Employees With Better Tools

Doug says the main change Gursey Schneider has noticed since switching to PaySimple is saved time and employee resources.

“PaySimple saves us time which saves us money. We don’t have to hire more people to staff the collections department, and we can focus on servicing clients vs. going after late payments,” said Doug.

The simplicity of PaySimple’s payment portal has made it easy to encourage clients to start paying online, which lessens the burden on the accounts receivable and collections specialists even further. Eventually, the firm hopes to have all clients paying through the digital payment interface, but they like that accepting payments through PaySimple doesn’t mean they need to alienate clients who prefer to pay by check.

In addition to the software’s simplicity, Doug has enjoyed the white-glove service his Customer Success Manager, Jamie, provides: “I can reach out to Jamie at any time, and she responds very quickly. Customer service is huge for me because we’re in that business as well.”

Doug says that despite the numerous new payment providers that have come on the market in the past four years, PaySimple’s dedication to simplicity, function and customer service have kept him a loyal customer.

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