When it comes to third-party surveying, you might be thinking, “Why should I pay someone to gather feedback from my customers, when I can do it myself, at no cost?”

Sure, you’re capable of collecting feedback on your own, but chances are, it’s not exactly free. In fact, forgoing third-party surveying could be costing your business quite a bit in unexpected ways.

If you’re on the fence about third-party surveying, consider these factors:

Time & Energy

Reaching out to every customer in order to get accurate feedback costs you time and energy. Just think, every hour you spend contacting customers, asking questions, recording responses, and organizing that data, is an hour you’re not spending finishing a job, closing a deal, or making a new connection.

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Even if you already have an internal surveying process in place that isn’t a time-suck, chances are, you’re not getting nearly as many responses as you could be—nor are you getting the most honest feedback.

Unsurprisingly, people are a lot less willing to talk openly about their experience with a particular company, with an individual who works for that same company—especially if their feedback isn’t exactly positive (which by the way, happens to be some of the most valuable feedback).

And when customers do provide commentary, it’s sometimes less honest and/or detailed than it would have been had a neutral, third-party reached out, instead. Unfortunately, consumers already know this, which is why they often disregard customer reviews that live solely on the company’s webpage—unless there’s some proof of validity.

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The truth is, surveying is only part of the feedback process, and, it’s actually the easier part.

In order for customer feedback to be valuable to a business, it needs to…

  • Be stored somewhere that’s easy for you and your team to access and navigate
  • Be organized/presented in a way that allows you (and others) to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, overall progress, trends, etc.

Fortunately, third-party surveying services like the ones provided by GuildQuality automatically store and organize customer data for you, and offer customizable reporting and marketing tools, as well!

As you can see, using a third-party to survey your customers saves you time and energy, and helps you promote your brand. To learn more about GuildQuality’s surveying software specifically, check out our tour page.

This post was contributed by Erin Rosintoski Lewis, Direct of Marketing for GuildQuality. To learn more about how your business can become more profitable and efficient with business automation, join Erin and PaySimple for a live webinar on February 28th. 

Erin Rosintoski Lewis

Erin Rosintoski Lewis

Erin is the Director of Marketing at GuildQuality.

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